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Below is a full list of RP logs for Houses of the Blood MUSH, sorted by the date.

Use the button below to create a log page, preloaded with the log template. The log templates on both the individual character pages, and the master log page below, will display the Date, Title, Summary and Participants. Please fill out everything after the equal signs in the template; that data will automatically fill in on the log templates. The fields of the template are:

  • Title: The title of the log or event (IE: Brotherhood Showdown)
  • Date: The IC (generally the RL) date, done in the format of Year-Month-Day (IE: 2015-09-08)
  • Location: The IC location(s) of the event.
  • Charlist: All characters in the scene; these must have the appropriate wikicode on them to link and populate correctly.
  • Groups: Optional. This will further narrow the categories by giving them specific groupings: Gaius, Julius, Coven, etc. This is used in advanced sorting/category linking.
  • Summary: A brief summary of the events (The Covergirl Coven faces off against the Exorcist that hounded Melanie prior to her arrival in Manhattan).
  • Logtext: The content of the log itself.

NOTE: You can CTRL+Click on the button open the template in a new tab in Chrome.

Full Log List

No logs available.