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The Rating of the MUSH covers what should be socially expected, IC and OOC, as far as 'how far one can go' with things on the MUSH. This file, coupled with the Policy files, will lay down the most basic rules for Houses of the Blood MUSH. If you have questions or concerns about the rating of the MUSH, please see a member of staff.

IC Rating

The IC Rating of the MUSH would be best described as hovering around R, depending on the comfort level of players involved. The game is meant to be a horror setting, and a lot goes on in many horror settings and movies. We will be lenient on the IC Rating of the MUSH, as long as everyone is fine with the goings-on in a scene, and as long as that scene does not violate anything set down in the Policy news files.

Topics Within the Rating

In particular regarding the rating, as we feel it needs reiteration, please communicate with each other. In setting up scenes, please be open and clear about potential topics such as excessive gore that could lead to OOC issues. On the same thread, if you have concerns about topics that may be triggering you you., ask plot runners, staff and other players about the content of the scenes you're getting involved in. The onus is on all parties involved to work out the situation of rating, within our cooperative non-consent horror environment, in order to ensure that everyone has the best time possible.

Banned Topics

Some topics are hot-buttons, and many individuals, even if they are agreeing to play on a game meant to be a mature environment, have topics that trigger some sort of visceral response in. There is no way for staff to account for every scenario that could come up that could cause this reaction in someone. As with all things, communication is key. However, some topics are almost universally an issue. As such, the staff of Houses of the Blood MUSH has decided to ban the following topic(s) as roleplay on the MUSH.

  • Sexual Assault/Abuse: This does not mean that this is not an element of the world. This means that this topic may not be used as an active plot element on the game. Vampires are, themselves, are a metaphor for some aspects of this, and for the MUSH that is enough. We get that this is among the wide spectrum of bad things that happen in the world, but in terms of online gaming, the baggage that comes with this particular bad thing far, far outweighs the story value.
    • Because it has been asked, we are not banning this as backstory. But if you use this as backstory, in order to bypass the ban on it as above, we will retcon your backstory and you'll likely be unapproved.

OOC Rating

Generally, our OOC Rating should be kept to what would be considered good for public discourse. What that means is highly dependent on the social groups in question, but as a general rule, this should be kept to about the same level. Everyone has different comfort levels, and cursing is not always an appropriate thing to do. Staff reserves the right to amend this policy at any time. For discussion that involves content above these levels, please take the discussion to the Adult Content channel or private discussion avenues.

Private Scene Rating

Scenes that are agreed upon by all participants and are performed in a private space (such as a character's apartment, an object representing a home, or somewhere else that is not capable of being stumbled upon by the public) can go above the recommended R rating as long as they do not violate anything set down in any of the Policy Newsfiles or the Banned Topics above. Once more, use your best judgement when dealing with each other in these situations. If someone attempts to force you to do something of a rating that you do not want to do, you are not OBLIGATED to that. Fade to Black is an acceptable outcome, as is outright refusal. If you have continued issues, please see a member of staff.