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On Houses of the Blood MUSH, we want to focus on not only staff-created events, but on the players of the game; with that in mind, we have a very open Player-Run Plot (PrP) policy, divided into three tiers.

  1. Low game impact
    Open to any player without staff oversight. Anything that can be run that doesn't have impact on the game beyond the personal stories of the players involved. All elements of the plot resolved, removed or neutered by end of plot.
  2. Moderate game impact
    Open to players with staff oversight. Involves plots that will have a minor to moderate impact on the game such as changes to grid or introduction of major NPCs, items or events that can add color but will not change the paradigm of the game.
  3. High game impact
    Staff only, except in rare and case-by-case exceptions. Includes major plots and events that can or will impact the game's paradigm, and potentially involving all players. Introduces or removes significant NPC entities or even entire groups.

Players are encouraged to run them past staff first, since staff can offer suggestions, tips, and assistance in organizing, with as much or as little staff assistance that the player would like. If we receive reports of PrP abuse, such as limiting players in a PrP to the same two or three people all the time, staff reserve the right to review the PrP policy and implement changes. Some examples are listed below to give you an idea of what types of things may fit into each tier.

  1. LGI
    An Assamite shows up, hired by the sire of a PC to assassinate him or her. A Wraith of the childhood friend of a Psychic haunts her. Sabbat shovelheads are dropped in. An Infernalist is found out and dealt with.
  2. MGI
    A hunter attacks a popular vampire club, under cover as a bomber, leaving it in shambles. The NPC Sire of the PC appears in order to get the Assamite's job done. Sabbat set up a proxy base near the city to harry vampires moving in and out of the city. Beckett and Anatole come to dig around in the city underbelly for Noddist lore. A mystical sword, forged from lost Blood Magic techniques is found.
  3. HGI
    The Sabbat declare open warfare with the city. The city hosts a Conclave/Grand Conclave. Archons chase someone on the Red List to the city. A major force such as an entire major group is removed (Anarchs are eliminated and blood hunted on sight in the city).

However, though we have a very open PrP policy, we ask that any PrPs run not violate any of the policies listed in News Policy/Consent. This may include disclosure of information about the plot to staff, and at the very least, disclosure of expected rating and content of the plot involved to interested players. The player running the PrP is not required to make ALL events known to those who ask, but must answer honestly if a player requests information about the rating, content, chance of PC death, and other factors that do not spoil the content of the plot. This way, those that want to know, based on their comfort and consent level, can have that information and make an informed decision about joining in on a given plot.

Staff are also required to abide by this policy; if a player has questions about a TP that's been implemented, the members of staff running the TP are required to answer the above questions as well. Staff members do have one less restriction, however: this policy does not come into play until the TP has actually started. In addition, all players who ask for and receive information about a TP agree to not discuss the information with any other non-staff player. This is to prevent surprise in plots from being spoiled, as above; any player can ask staff about TP information, so there is really no need to spread information.

We hope that this policy will enable players to feel comfortable engaging in PrPs without fear of unforeseen consequences, while allowing players who prefer a more non-consent style of roleplay to still enjoy PrPs without problems.