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Below is a list of all of the news files for the MUSH. They are divided into sections for ease of navigation, and news files with sub-content will have that detailed out within the main file (such as the creation briefs under Creation).

Basic Information

Basic information about the MUSH is found in this section, including the majority of non-policy OOC information, such as the MUSH's rating, disclaimer, staff list and others.

Game/Rule Information

Due to the nature of Houses of the Blood MUSH being an original supernatural environment, utilizing an original system and custom code, we do not have a tabletop book to reference. Below are links to the 'chapters' of our rulebook, which details out everything from attribute and skill descriptions, setting and timeline info, to powers, special systems like feeding and territory, and everything you need to know the MUSH to play. A compiled PDF may be released for download later.

Policy Information

All of the MUSH policies and practices that have some effect on the IC world or roleplaying on the MUSH, can be found here. This includes things such as alts rules, punishment for breaking our rules, and character age and player age rules.