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Characters are the lifeblood of a MUSH. And having easy access to those characters for information is a useful resource. Below is a list of characters, both PC and NPC, that are on the MUSH, divided into a number of sections. Use the below information

The list sorts in two different manners.

All Characters

All Characters displays all characters on the game, displaying their Name, House, Type (PC or NPC), Race (Vampire or Servus) and a small image.

  • If you are a vampire of Peregrini status, please ensure Peregrini is entered as your House.

Further, All Characters is subdivided into:

  • The Living, which displays all characters who have their Status set to Active, and their Condition set to Alive.
  • The Deceased, which will be a general list of the confirmed dead. Characters who have their Status set to Inactive and Condition set to Deceased will show up here.
  • The Missing, which will be a general list of any characters who are no longer in play but their status is unknown, such as through mysterious disappearances or other unconfirmed status. Their Status must be set to Inactive, and their Condition must be set to MIA.

By House

By House gives you tabs for each House, including vampires of Peregrini status. This will display their Name, Type, Race, Status and a small image. You can sort the table appropriately to view information at a glance.

For these to sort correctly, your profile must be filled out per the instructions found on this page.


To create your own character page, preloaded with the staff-created character information template, simply type the name of the character in the box below and click the Create Character Profile button. If you make your own page with custom wiki code, you will need to include the information to sort the character at the bottom; simply copy/paste the information from the sorting template and PhysRep template. You can also CTRL+Click to open the character you're creating from the form below in a new window.

Once that's done... happy editing!

Character Listing

Name House Race Character Type Image
Riley Kauffman
Mora Adegoke
Madeline Harridge
No characters to display.
No characters to display.

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