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Contained below are some of our guidelines for applying for a PC on Houses of the Blood MUSH. Do note that these are not meant to dissuade players from applying, but are meant to clarify one some of the more common pitfalls, questions, and concerns that can arise regarding the game.

Basic Application Information

The MUSH uses an automated system to process character generation. The MUSH itself walks you through the process and does everything. The application process is pretty standard, but of note, the game requires:

  • Background: A minimum 200 word character background. This can be done in bullet points, and you can write more if you like.
  • Personality: A minimum 200 word character personality/profile. Again, this can be bullet points on the character's personality. Even if you don't 'get' your character's personality in full until you've been playing them, no character is a blank slate starting out, and even baselines to build from are preferable.

Staff of Houses of the Blood MUSH has set chargen up this way in order to promote solid thinking about characters as they're being apped from the concept stage. Additionally, Orcus would like to know these things so that plot might be tailored to individual characters.

Character Concepts

Some character concepts are problematic on a MUSH for a variety of reasons. Listed below are some character concepts that Houses of the Blood will allow, but feel that they need to be tempered, and set with some expectations of what staff wants to see out of those concepts:

  • 'Protagonist' Concepts: The goal of Houses of the Blood is to be a collaborative storytelling/gaming environment. Characters who are built to be the 'sole protagonist' of the MUSH, simply treating/using other PCs as if they were NPCs in their 'single player game' aren't an ideal concept for the game.
  • Loner/Wallflower Concepts: Loner and wallflower concepts are difficult on a MUSH in general. Characters being apped for with this personality/concept should understand that they may get less interactivity with the other PCs and the game itself, unless they put forth effort to ensure that they have hooks to interact with. Even if you're a loner or wallflower, give people something to work from to play with you; the onus is on YOU, the player of a loner/wallflower PC, not on other players of the MUSH, to figure out ways to include your character.
  • Antagonistic Concepts: Antagonist concepts are totally fine; this game is about horror and intrigue in a decadent society. But if you're going to be an antagonistic character (note that this doesn't explicitly mean a Black Hat; this also means people who are simply abrasive in the extreme), it is on YOU to make your concept as an antagonist fun and interesting for the rest of the MUSH to interact with. Too many antagonistic PCs go above and beyond, giving other PCs no reason to interact with them. Again the onus is on YOU, the player of an antagonistic PC, to give angles and hooks that aren't just you annoyingly browbeating (or kicking the tar out of) someone all day.
  • Troll Characters: We would prefer not to see these. But if your concept revolves around picking at everyone and purposely trying to get a rise out of someone, fomenting trouble for the sake of it, we would like for you to take the following into account: this is very offputting to many people. If you want to do this, temper it with losses, good sportsmanship when people realize and recognize the escalation pattern of your PC, and scenes that are normal in their timbre and scope.